House Hunting Formula- FreeBHK

Changes sometimes disrupt your life if not properly planned and also if it is not properly aligned with your purpose. Moving to a new home can make your life fuzzy if it is not very properly planned and implemented.

We do not suggest you to move out of your current home, if the result of the equation mentioned below is “(ZERO)”. While the values of the variable can only be in terms of binary digits (i.e. either 0 or 1).

Tis the equation

(Vision Matched Home)  x  (Value/Deal) x (Power/Affordability ) x (Fits in Your Plan) = 1

Where all the variables in the equation can either be “0” or they can be “1”.

If the solution to the above mentioned equation is one then you should move to the new house, and in-case if it is Zero- try reaching us.


Happy Home,

Team FreeBHK




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